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Customer Feedback

Your experiences sharing with our bank are most appreciated. We are dedicated to providing you with a service that meets your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We understand that your experience may not have lived up to your expectations. This is important to us. We are strongly committed to bring your expectation for best experience banking with us with fairly and positively philosophy.

We initiated 2 steps approach to drive you to resolve your dissatisfaction quickly and thoroughly.

Step 1- Contact Customer Service

Your Products or Services did not meet your expectations? Please speak to our customer service specialist through any of the following channels:
      1. Reach our hotline via 023 997 777
      2. Message us through our websites, Facebook chat or email
      3. HH Bank branches

Frequently, the issues are can be resolved immediately or at the same day. If still not met your satisfaction, you may proceed Step 2.

Step 2 – Formal Complaint

File a formal complaint.

If your complaint has not been resolved by our customer service specialist, you can submit formal complaint to the Complaint Management Unit (CMU). Please share us your dissatisfaction in this Complaint Acknowledgement Form and click submit. Our CMU specialist will be contacting you shortly.

Complaint Management Unit

Is an independent and impartial team. In the situation where complaint has been lodged to the complaint management unit, the case will be well managed by CMU staff that offer fair, impartial and objective investigation of all complaints. When complaint addressed to our products & services, CMU will investigate, analyze, and offer solution based on:

  1. Laws and Regulations.
  2. Bank’s products terms and conditions.
Resolutions Process

To achieve fast resolutions to you, we have defined 2 processes based on the complexity of the complaint.

1. Verbal Complaint

§  Customer service staff and CMU will conduct fact finding and deliver to solutions to customer.

§  If the solution is not meet or dissatisfy with your expectation, the complaint will be transformed to the written complaint resolutions.

2 Business days

2. Written Complaint

§  The CMU will conduct deep investigation to the root cause and offer the proper solutions and explanation.

§  If the solution still not meet the satisfaction, the complaint will be escalated to bank’s executive committee.

§  Executive Committee will review all fact finding from the investigation, analyze and make final decision.

28 Calendar days

Helpful information to support investigation on your complaint

As much as possible you may provide us with below information are help us to process your complaint easier and faster investigations:

  1. A description of the event
  2. The chronology of the event (date and time, if possible)
  3. The name of the business line and employees you dealt with
  4. Any document relevant to the analysis of your complaint