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Bankers' Cycling 2022

Bankers\' Cycling 2022

On Monday, 30th October 2022—The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) collaborated with Cambodian Cycling Federation (CCF) to organize the Banker’s Cycling 2022 under the theme of “Promote Khmer Riel and Sustainability of Banking Sector” in Siem Reap province.

The event was presided over by Her Excellency CHAN Somaly, Undersecretary of State of Ministry of Environment, H.E RATH Sovannorak, Assistant Governor and Director-General of Banking Supervision, National Bank of Cambodia, Dr. In Channy, ABC Council, and Mr. NOU Chamroeun, secretary-general of CCF, bankers and relevant stakeholder with around 500 attendees.

This is the second time that ABC’s Sustainable Committee organized such an event. It was organized mainly for health, building relationships among bankers, and promoting the banking sector with sustainability. First and foremost, Banker’s Cycling 2022 also promoted the environment and tourism sector in Siem Reap province during the pandemic.

As of 2022, around 47 banks have adopted the Cambodian Sustainable Finance Principles of the Association of Banks in Cambodia. The nine principles of ABC’s CSFP are Environment Protection, People Protection, Cultural Protection, Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, Financial Innovation, Environmental & Social Standards, Environmental & Social Footprints, Transparency & Accountability.

The Association of Banks in Cambodia, through the Sustainable Finance Committee, has been pursuing the following main missions: Promoting public awareness of the Association’s activities related to the environment and society. Building the management systems and necessary tools to help member banks implement Sustainable Finance Principles, continue to build the capacity of bankers involved in environmental and social risks, continue to expand cooperation with all stakeholders, and promote the implementation of Sustainable Finance Principles with efficiency.

In addition, in the long-term vision, the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) aims to promote the implementation of Sustainable Finance Principles in other areas, promote the transformation of Sustainable Finance Principles into a standard for everyone to apply, and bring Cambodia to leading countries in implementing Sustainable Finance Principles in the Mekong region.