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Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is a financial instrument provided by HH BANK​ and the customer will get a higher rate of interest rate than a regular Savings Account until the given maturity date.

Interest Rate (Per Annum) At Maturity

3 Months 1.50% 4.25%
6 Months 3.50% 4.75%
12 Months 5.00% 6.75%
24 Months 6.00% 7.25%
36 Months 7.00% 7.50%

Interest Rate (Per Annum) At Monthly

3 Months 1.25% 3.15%
6 Months 3.00% 3.75%
12 Months 4.00% 5.75%
24 Months 5.00% 6.75%
36 Months 6.00% 7.25%

Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum initial deposit of USD 100 and KHR 400,000
  • Not allowed for partial withdrawal
  • Open an account for new Fixed Deposit 

Additional Benefits

  • Earn a high return on your money for a fixed term without the impact of the movement of interest rates in the market;
  • Physical fixed deposit certificate. 


  • Please go to the bank branch of HH BANK and bring any supporting documents.
  • Fill in a registration form.
  • Choose the preferred type and term of fixed deposit. 


Q1: What is a Fixed Deposit? 
A: Fixed Deposit is an agreement between HH BANK and customer on cash deposit to obtain high-interest rates and safety.

Q2. How many types of Fixed Deposits Payment Option?

A. There are two types of Fixed Deposits Payment Options:

                 • Interest at Maturity

                 • Monthly Interest

Q3. How much is the minimum balance to open the Fixed Deposit Account?

A. Minimum Opening Balance of Fixed Deposit Account for USD 100 and KHR 400,000.

Q4. Can I have a premature withdrawal? 

A. Yes, you can premature the withdrawal. But interest rate will provide a savings account.

Q5. How many types of currencies are able to open the Fixed Deposit Account?

 A. Customers are able to open two types of Currencies: KHR and USD.


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