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Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposit is a financial instrument provided by HH BANK. Customer will get a higher rate of interest rate than a regular Savings Account until the given maturity date.

Interest rate (per anum) at muturity

3 Months 1.50% 4.25%
6 Months 3.50% 4.75%
12 Months 5.00% 6.75%
24 Months 6.00% 7.25%
36 Months 7.00% 7.50%

Interest rate (per anum) at monthly

3 Months 1.25% 3.15%
6 Months 3.00% 3.75%
12 Months 4.00% 5.75%
24 Months 5.00% 6.75%
36 Months 6.00% 7.25%

Term and Condition

  • Minimum initial deposit USD 100 or equivalent.
  • Not allowed for partial withdrawal.

Additional Benefit

  • Earn high return on your money for a fixed term without impact of movement of interest rates in the market;
  • Physical fixed deposit certificate. 


  • Contact our customer service officer at any HH BANK branches.
  • Fill in a registration form.
  • Choose preferred type and term of fixed deposit. 


Q1: What is a Current Account?

A:  Current Account is a simple and convenient way to enjoy easy payment for purchase of goods and services.

Q2: How many types of Current Account?

A. There are four types:
  • Normal Current Account
  • Current Account Gold
  • Current Account Platinum
  • Current Account Diamond

Q3: How much is the minimum balance to be maintained at all times?
A. Minimum balance:

  • Normal Current Account: USD 100
  • Current Account Gold: USD 100,000
  • Current Account Platinum: USD 500,000
  • Current Account Diamond: USD 1,000,000

If your balance is less than minimum balance required, you will not enjoy the interest on offer.

Q4: How much interest rate do you offer on any account?
A. Interest rate per annum basis:
  • Normal Current Account: 0% (No interest)
  • Current Account Gold: 0.3%
  • Current Account Platinum: 0.4%
  • Current Account Diamond: 0.5%

Q5: Can I issue check? A. Yes, you can.
Q6: How much does a checkbook cost?

A. USD 5 per checkbook (1 checkbook = 25 checks).


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