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HENG HE (CAMBODIA) COMMERCIAL BANK PLC. Is Commercial Bank in Cambodia serving various financial products and services to customers to meet the customer’s satisfaction and need with reliable, fast, and good service that we confidential build to our customer.

HH Mission, Vision, and Values


To become a progressive and relevant middle-tiered digital SME Bank in Cambodia within the next 5 years by targeting the under-banked and youth segments.


Our mission is to build a sustainable banking business by: 

  • Providing banking convenience via digital channels
  • Providing tailor-made banking products that meet our customer’s needs
  • Being at the heart of the community


Core Values (ICARE):

  • I: Integrity We will maintain high-level integrity. We are honest and ethical and we uphold a high standard of governance.
  • C: Customer: We are committed to providing the best service and enhancing customer experience.
  • A: Accountability: We are accountable and committed to maintaining a high level of ownership, proficiency, and competency in all that we do.
  • R: Respect: We respect our stakeholders. We show empathy to everyone through our actions and interactions.
  • E: Employees: Empower employees to recognition and staff development, give them words of support, encouragement, and praise.