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SME Loan

SME Loan
A financial solution that helps your business grow sustainably in the long term. The success of your business depends on many factors and the most important is choosing the right bank partner that provides trust and property. HH BANK specializes in facilitating and providing reliable lending to support your business and financial needs along with solutions​ comprehensive to help your business is our goal, whether you are expanding your business, buying an office, or looking for more capital to expand your business​​ we will provide loans as your needs.

Loan Period, Loan Size, and Interest Rate

  • KHR

    • The loan period is up to 84 months
    • The loan size is from KHR 40,000,000.00 up
    • Annual interest rate 11%
    • Processing Fee 0.8% 
    • Arrangement Fee KHR 800,000.00
  • USD

    • The loan period is up to 84 months
    • Loan size USD 10,000.00 up
    • Annual interest rate 12%
    • Processing fee 0.8%
    • Arrangement Fee USD 200.00
  • Requirements

    • Over 18 years old
    • Own residential business
    • Commit to paying back to HH BANK
    • Own at least 25% of the company's capital


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