Special Account Number

A special account number is a service that allows customers to open a bank account with their favorite number that is easy to remember, which can be the same as their date of birth, phone number, and a series of numbers, lucky numbers, or other special numbers that are important to them. A special account number, which has a 9-digit number, is available to both new and existing HH Bank customers.

Special Account Number Format

Account Grade Example Buy
Diamond 999 999 999 – 999 999 & XXX
168 168 168
USD 5,000
Platinum 777 778 888 or 222 233 333 USD 2,500
Gold 777 888 999 USD 250
Silver 070 777 888 USD 20
Bronze 015 333 456 Free

Term and Conditions

    Saving Account

    • Innitial minimum deposit is USD 10 or equivalent.

    Current Account

    • Current Account : Initial deopsit USd 100 or equavalent and maintain minimum balance USD 100 or equavalent at all times.
    • Current Account(Gold): Initial deposit USD 50,000 or equivalent and maintain minimum balance USD 100,000 or equavalentat all times.
    • Current Account(Platinum): Initial deposit USD 200,000 or equavalent and maintain minimum balance USD 500,000 or equavalent at all times.
    • Current Account(Diamond): Initial deposit USD 500,000 or equavalent and maintain minimum balance USD 1,000,000 or equavalentat all times.
    • Other terms and Conditions of the account opening policy is applied.


    For Citizens

    • 18 years old or above.
    • Original and valid National ID or Passport.

    For Non-Citizens

    • 18 years old or above.
    • Original and valid passport (with valid visa) and
    • Any document that proves your residnence:
      • Physical presence in Cambodia > 182Days OR
      • Visa more than 3 Months AND
      • 1. Rental agreement > 6 months OR~
      • 2. Valid employment certificate/Letter/Card.
      • 3.Business comtract > 6 Months

FAQs :

  1. Who can open a Special Account Number?
    Answer : Both individuals ans Copoerate Customers.
  2. How can I choose special number as my accout number?
    Answer : To havespecial number as you prefer, you are required to open a bank account with HH BANK
  3. What type of accounts that can be opened with special number ?
    Answer : You can open a new bank account from our various options such as Savings account and Current Account.
  4. Is Special Acccount number can reuse after colsed?
    Answer : One Special account number is one time use only, once the account is close there is on way to return, becuase the number can’t be diplicateed in the system.
  5. Is Special Account number can receive interest and how is the interest calculated?
    Answer : Yes, special account number is receiving the interest the saving as Saving account and Current account of HH BANK. Interest on special accounts is calculated by apllying the interest rate to the averag daily balance with each special account balance within each special account.
  6. Can I book a special number by no tvisiting Bank Branch?
    Answer : Yes, In case you need to booking a special number , you can book via our bank website : Inqury Form
  7. Do i have to pay for special account number?
    Answer : No Currently we are offering for Free until end of 2022 but in thereafter you must pay for the account number that you prefer follow Bank’s account categories and price.
  8. Can i convert my existing Saving Account/Current Account into special account number?
    Answer : Yes you can.
  9. Bank statement will follow this new account or old one?
    Answer : It will show this special account number if you have.
  10. Is there any Cheque facility available with special account number?
    Answer : Yes, Cheque facilty is available for operation of the Special account number.